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The eccentials

Fake grass is one idea that you might want to implement next time you are in the mood for a DIY project. This goes double if you own any dogs, having fake grass in the backyard will make them very happy. Fake grass probably makes you think of the material they use on football fields but it has come a long way. It's an excellent way to implement a green patch into a back yard without the hassle of having to water it, having to cut it, or having it die. If you're doing a small patch its relatively simple. You should have a local hardware store that supplies rock and gravel. If not a simple Internet search will take you to a local supplier.

Rock You Want To Buy

You're going to want to buy two types of rock. The first will be a larger style that has pebbles about the size of grapes. The second type is going to be a much more fine type of rock, more akin to a pinhead. You're going to want to get the rock in equal quantities. The purpose of this is to lay bedding that allows water to drain making it impossible for your grass to look flooded if it rains. Another item you will need is long nails, about 7 inches that you can drive into the dirt. You will also need to purchase some bend-a-board to function as a rim for the area. These days the rock supply stores usually are the same people that supply fake grass so check out their products and decide what you like, do some price comparisons online then when you're ready go ahead and pull the trigger.

Things To Do

You're going to want to dig up the area for your grass about six inches in depth. Then when you have it all dug up cut and apply your plastic boards to the areas rim to hold all the stone in place. Add 3 inches of the larger sized pebbles. Do your best to compact the rock then pour the smaller sized pebbles right on top? Walk around on it and do your best to pack it in, and then when you're ready lay down your grass. Using a blade, trim the edges of the grass so it's a perfect fit. Once you have it trimmed up to perfection, take the long nails you purchased and drive them into the grass, through the stone, and into the dirt beneath. This will hold the grass in place; a simple hand through the blades of grass will cover up the nail holding it. Now take some smaller nails and pin the edges of the grass to the plastic boarding. Once you've got your nails you're basically done. Feel free to tap in Go ahead and get some lemonade and enjoy your brand new patch of grass.

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