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What Is This Craze?

It’s a gentle skin peel made from fruit acids that painlessly and effortlessly peels away dead, dry, and rough skin on your feet. Things are about to stop being polite and start getting real and really, really gross. But, the BEST kind of gross. Auzme promises to rid your soles of the toughest, roughest calluses and reveal the smoothest feet you've had since, like birth.

Simple Instructions

The instructions were simple, almost too simple. According to Auzme, all you do is wash and soak your feet, apply the booties, wash off, then wait. In five to seven days, the peeling should begin. I set up the couch with necessities: laptop, socks, paper towels, phone. Then, I took a bath. One PRO tip they share with their customers on their site is if you want to increase exfoliation, soak your feet in warm water 10 minutes every day until all dead skin has naturally peeled from your feet. Also They say not to moisturize your feet during the 5-7 day process.

1. Scrub Your Feet Clean

This is the first step. Make sure to really scrub your feet to get all that dead skin and dirt off of them before you start the process. After this just soak them for about 15 minutes (hence, the bath).

2. Open foil pack and remove treatment-filled booties.

Dry your feet off and pop them in the booties. Use tape to close loose ends.Leave on for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on level of exfoliation desired. If you need to walk around, throw some big socks over the booties to prevent slipping. But, if possible, just stay put. Kinda why I put all the essentials next to the couch before I began the process.

3. Remove booties and discard once used.

When you're done with the treatment remove and discard the booties, wash and dry your feet then go about your business. Your feet will look and feel exactly the same, if slightly dry. I know by this point I already wanted my feet to start peeling but to by pass time I just googled feet peeling to get some amusement.

4. Dead skin cells will begin to naturally exfoliate or "peel" in four to five days.

Even though it is extremely tempting, do not forcibly remove peeling skin. Individual peeling time varies and can take up to two weeks to complete.Alternatively, you can rub your hand along the soles of your feet and some skin will rub off but its not as fun. If your feet feel uncomfortably dry then you can apply a very small amount of lotion. I suggest avoiding this, because moisturizing the dead skin will only make the process slower. Just let it dry and flake off, then moisturize the smooth skin that emerges.

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  1. Jack 3 months ago

    Easy to do and great family project, theres something for everyone to do including the kids!

    • Lisa 1 months ago

      I agree with you jack, this is so easy to assemble. Beautiful design. I love it. We've used it about every night. It's a great way for our family to bond.

  2. Carter 1 months ago

    My son and I completed this in a Day!

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