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The Benefits Of Having Your Own Fire Pit

Why would you want to do this? It's simple, people love campfires, and it’s like a primal urge for us to watch wood burn. Once you have a fire pit installed you can cook whole meals on it, make s'mores, mountain/moon pies, and even baking with a dutch oven.

First Thing

The first thing you'll need to do is decide on the area of your backyard where you'd like to install the fire pit. The ideal location is far enough away from the house, neighbors' houses, your shed, or any other buildings on your property. You'll also want to make sure there are no low hanging branches right above where the pit will be installed. Next you'll want to make sure the area is level or as close to level as you can get it, no one wants to try to roast a marshmallow while they're sitting sideways on a steep hill.

Next Step

The next thing you'll want to do is decide if you want to install a flat surface around your pit or if you don't mind the grass. If you want a nice surface you will need to dig down a few inches and make sure your whole surface is level. Then lay down a weed mat or wet newspaper to prevent unsightly weeds. After you have the mats down you will need to lay down a layer of sand followed by square patio stones or bricks to cover the entire area that you've prepared. Try to get the stones as close to one another as possible. After you've finished you will fill in the cracks between stones with some more of your sand. Make sure that you leave a 49-inch diameter hole in the center of the area for the fire pit. Now on to the construction of the fire pit itself.

Where To Find Kits

Many stores such as Lowe's and Home depot sell kits to do this part but you can save a good deal of money by buying the items separately. You'll want to buy 36 retaining wall blocks in whatever color you prefer. Now you'll set the first row down in a circle at the center of your patio area. For the second and third rows you'll want to position the blocks directly centered of the cracks from the row below. This adds strength and will make the fire pit sturdier and less prone to being knocked over or inward. Once that is completed you will place gravel in the bottom of the ring. You may also use lava rock for a more decorative look.


Now you're all finished and ready to have your first campfire. Call up your friends and bust out the sticks for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Just remember to keep a hose or bucket of water nearby and never pour combustibles such as gas, kerosene, or lighter fluid into the fire pit. At the end of the night you'll want to make sure you completely extinguish the fire before turning in for the night.


  1. Jack 3 months ago

    Easy to do and great family project, theres something for everyone to do including the kids!

    • Lisa 1 months ago

      I agree with you jack, this is so easy to assemble. Beautiful design. I love it. We've used it about every night. It's a great way for our family to bond.

  2. Carter 1 months ago

    My son and I completed this in a Day!

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